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question Will you deal with insurance companies?   Yes. We can give your insurance company an estimate for the work to be carried out before starting work
 question Can we get the materials for you to use?    Yes, not a problem. We can recommend  what to buy
question Where does the rubbish go?   For larger jobs, we can organise a skip for you or you can get a skip for us to use.  It is entirely up to you.  
I have seen the program 'Cowboy Builders' on TV and
I wonder should I pay up front for any works?

I would suggest that any building company of good standing would have credit with their suppliers for materials. They will have wages/subcontractors to pay on a weekly basis. However, as an example, our Company would not want paying in advance for a job as we need to be sure that you are happy with the work! 
Larger jobs, it's often the case to make stage payments once certain stages of the work have been completed. 
As a rough guide - a large rendering job will need scaffolding and the scaffolding company will need to be paid; either direct or to the contractor to pass on to the scaffolding company. Then, as a general rule a further payment would be required once the scratch coat has been applied to meet the wages bill for the days/weeks the staff/subcontractors have been on site.  Then another payment after the rendering if painting is required and then at the end of the contract.