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question We have Artex and we would like it flat, can you do this?
If your Artex has been applied on plaster board, we just need to seal the plaster with Unibond
question We have coving up and we want our ceiling plastered, we also have Artex. What needs to be done?
It can be plastered.  However, you will lose detail around the coving because of the depth of plaster needed to cover the Artex
question Our Artex is a very heavy pattern, is this still the same process? or would we have to worry about Artex removal?
In this case, we would over board with new board and plaster.  If you have coving, then this will need to be replaced because it is not possible to butt the plaster board up to old coving - it would crack where the two meet. We would knock off the old coving, over board and then fix new coving
question Our ceiling is lath and plaster and is badly cracked, can you help?
Of course we can help.  Lath and plaster is very heavy and once it has cracked it needs to be removed and replaced. This is naturally a very dusty/messy job so the room will need to be cleared. New 12.5 plaster board will be fixed and then plastered
question How do we paint our newly plastered ceiling?
Allow 3 to 4 days to dry (depending on the time of the year, it could take longer in the winter months).  Apply a weakened coat initially, we call this a 'mist coat' with a ratio of 80% paint : 20% water.  Roll on one way and leave to dry which will be about 4 to 5 hours.  Apply a second coat of good quality paint in the opposite direction of rolling.  It may need a 3rd coat, but 2 is normal.  If you wish, we can return to do this for you
questionwarning Does Artex have asbestos in it?
Yes it does if your ceiling was done during the 70's - early 80's.  However, if it is sealed with paint it should not cause any problems.  If your ceiling gets damaged, you will have to consult your insurance company for a replacement ceiling.
It is advisable not to drill into these old ceilings as the dust will become dangerous
question I have a patch on my Artex which has become damaged by a water leak, can it be repaired and patched?
If your ceiling is a combe finish, it is practically impossible to do so as it would stand out 'like a sore thumb'!  If you have a brush finish e.g. broken leather, stipple, swirl, figure of eight; these types of patterns, yes we are able to patch
question What types of ceiling can have Artex applied?
Emulsion ceilings are perfectly fine to Artex.  New plaster board will need the joints taped and filled first, the board would then be sealed and finally Artexed
question What patterns of Artexing can you do?
We offer a range of brush finish patterns
  A selection of ceilings in Charminster
1. Over boarded and plastered
2. Coving
3. Plastered and coved
   Plastering a ceiling in Bridport