Questions and Gallery 

question What Rendering Services do you offer?
We offer traditional sand and cement rendering.  This totally transforms the look of your home 
question Do you offer Tyrolean Finishing?
Yes we do - an example is shown in the Gallery below
question Is Pebble Dashing available as part of your services?
Yes it is.  Please see the images below for an example
question What other specialist rendering services do you carry out?
We are able to carry out restoration works during the process.  We have also completed cob wall rendering; with examples of both below
question Will you carry out repairs to render?
Yes, cracks and small areas can be repaired
question What about chimneys?
We can render chimneys as part of an overall job, or just on their own.  Safe access will naturally be required to the roof
  Detached house in Dorchester being
rendered using traditional sand and

Bournemouth property with bat
protection services included in the
  A Pebble Dashed property in
Preston, Weymouth having new
Pebble Dashing
Pebble Dashing an extension in
Dorchester to match the existing
  The whole process of a Cob Wall
render in the Piddle Valley
1.Tyrolean rendering
2 & 3. Chimney work carried out
4. Small Area to be Pebble Dashed 
  Render removed, the necessary
restoration work done and the
property in Bridport is then 
Rendering of 4 bedroom detached house
question Do you render small walls?
Yes, please see examples of our work below

I would like my house to be a different colour is this possible?
It is possible to buy specialist coloured paint of any colour you would like to choose for your house





Garden wall being rendered 


question Does new rendering need painting?
We suggest the rendering is sealed and painted for longer life
question Will you carry out the painting?
Yes, we certainly can if you would like us to do it 
question Is scaffolding always needed for rendering?
In most cases it is and we can organise it for you.  However there are some jobs where it is not required
question I have old wooden fascia and want to replace it with plastic during process, will you be able to do this?
Certainly, we can arrange for specialists to do this for you.  Alternatively, if you have someone in mind, they would need to remove the fascia before we start and put your new fascia up after we have finished
question I have Cable TV on the outside of my building, what happens about this?
Cables will be undone and clipped onto the new render.  Satellite dishes - we recommend that they are covered.  However you will lose your signal if they are covered. If you don't mind mortar on your dish, then it can be left uncovered during the process.  It will be cleaned to the best of our ability
warning Please be aware that when the render is removed, problem areas could be exposed.  For example, brickwork may need to be repaired, there may be cracks in the wall or lintels may need replacement