Questions and Examples of our Work

What's the smallest size of plastering job you would carry out?
We can plaster repair areas which have been worked on by other trades, repairing plaster walls / areas affected by water damage etc, so there really is no job too small for us
Can you give me an idea of plastering costs?
Give Mick  a call and he can certainly give you prices. For instance we can tell you how much to plaster a room or wall (dependent on size, so this may need a visit by the plastering contractors to give you an accurate price)
How many plasterers would be needed for plastering walls in a room?
It is likely we would use just one team of plasterers for a room, but if there are more rooms then a team could be in one, whilst the other team in the other
We're looking for local plasterers in Hampshire and not Dorset, can you help?
Although we are Dorset plasterers, we certainly may be able to help you, do contact us to discuss your requirements
Is there anything I need to do to prepare the room for plastering or skimming?
Clear the room (including light/furniture fittings). It is suggested that carpets should be removed as well because plastering is a wet trade and therefore accidents may happen!  We will of course take as much care as possible, but if you don't want to remove your carpet they would need them to be covered with dust sheets or similar.  We obviously can't have plastic on the floor as it would be extremely dangerous for us to work on
Will I need to remove the wallpaper before plastering?
Yes, the plaster needs to adhere to the walls.  If you want us to remove the wallpaper, then we can do this
After the wallpaper has been removed, what if we find problems with the walls?
It may be possible to just repair them by filling, we would need to assess the level of damage
question How long does the plaster need before it can be painted?
The plaster needs to be dry which can take up to week. You will be able to see it change colour from a dark brown to a lighter colour of pink. Heating the room will speed up the process of drying
A gallery of start to finish of a bedroom
being plastered
  Example of a plastering job of fire surround
Bridport, Dorset
  A bathroom in Weymouth being plastered
Image 2: known as 'dot and dab' to fill in the
damaged bricks
Image 3: plasterboarded in preparation
4. Following plastering